Upcoming Fall Dates!


New album SUBCONTINENTAL DRIFT coming soon!

We are super excited about a our album, releasing in stores September 25 through Fontana North.
Available Sept 4 as an iTunes Pre-release, and in the USA in January through CEN (Sony/RED).

Filled with ragas, reels and rumbas, this is a special collaborative release, Subcontinental Drift, with sitar master Anwar Khurshid (famous for playing on Oscar winning film Life of Pi, and The Love Guru).
While we are known for spotlighting treasured special guests from around the world, this is our first wholly collaborative offering where the entire body of work was created together.  “There is something really magical about joining world music rhythms that we often play, but with pop sensibilities and forms and lengths, and blending that with the music of the East”, says bandleader/fiddler Chris McKhool.  More info here! http://www.kapipal.com/sultansofstringwithanwarkhurshid


California 2015 Tour

Coming up soon, our tour in California! Tickets now online for all shows.

Aug 6, 2015, Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, California, http://www.thefreight.org/

Aug 7, 2015, Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center, Auburn, California, http://www.livefromauburn.com/

Aug 8, 2015, Sutter Creek Theatre, Sutter Creek, California, http://www.suttercreektheatre.com/

Aug 9, 2015, noon, San Jose Jazz Festival, California, http://summerfest.sanjosejazz.org/


Hillside Festival here we come!

We are very much looking forward to performing at Hillside Festival Sunday July 26, with a young audience show at the Rainbow stage at 1 pm, and the Lake Stag at 8 pm with the full band!

June 28, Hugh’s Room- Special concert and YouTube Video Taping

Hi all!  after ten years of playing with my good buddy Kevin Laliberté in various band configurations, we are finally doing what I have dreamed of for years, a DUO concert at our favourite club in Toronto!

This concert will be videotaped to make YouTube videos of our duo show.  You will be a BIG part of the fun… Come and bring your friends and enthusiasm!

We also thought this would also be a great opportunity to support an arts charity that is very close to our hearts, ArtsCan Circle, and a portion of the proceeds from this concert are going to ArtsCan Circle.

Hugh’s Room, 2261 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON  M6R 1X6,  $10adv/12 door.  chris kevin duo arch 374A3809-1

For dinner reservations or tickets please call the club during regular business hours @ 416-531-6604 or email info@hughsroom.com or online http://hughsroom.com/2015/05/sultans-of-string-special-duo-concert-youtube-video-taping/

League of American Orchestras showcase!

This is the largest gathering of symphonies you could imagine all in one place, with over 900 delegates from around the world, arriving in Cleveland this week. And we are showcasing!

This THURSDAY MAY 28, at the 10:00 AM Coffee break at the conference!


New CD Fundraising Video!

SULTANS OF STRING are recording our fifth CD… with sitar virtuoso ANWAR KHURSHID. We are calling it Subcontinental Drift. In this special recording, Sultans of String meet the electricity of the sitar in an innovative collaboration that transcends categorization. Anwar’s sitar playing has been featured in Oscar-winning film Life of Pi and The Love Guru. Originally from Pakistan, Anwar now makes Canada his home, regularly collaborating with musicians from other genres. 
Music has the ability to bring together people and cultures in a way that emulates what we love to see in the world, creating a collaboration that breaks down the barriers that divide us, and helping us to see our common humanity, and providing a model for peace.

Please check out the video link here http://www.kapipal.com/sultansofstringwithanwarkhurshidSultans of String w Anwar Kurshid 1 small

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